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GTT Newfoundland Conference Call Invitation, Brainstorming Session, January 17, 2018

Get Together With Technology (GTT) Newfoundland

Sponsored by the Canadian Council of the Blind


GTT is coming to Newfoundland by toll free telephone!  Blind and low vision GTT participants meet monthly to share their experiences using assistive technologies in their everyday lives at school, work, or at home.


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Agenda for the First Newfoundland GTT Meeting:

Location: Toll Free Telephone Number Found Below

Date: Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Time: 2:00 PM until 3:30 PM Newfoundland Time

Call-in Info Below:

Theme: Kim Kilpatrick will lead a Brainstorming Session Regarding Future content and format for GTT Newfoundland Meetings

Some are curious about the kinds of topics or technologies that may be discussed in future meetings. Here is a sample list.


  1. Low vision electronic magnifiers both desktop and portable.
  2. Screen magnification for PC and MAC.
  3. Screen magnification for iPhone/iPad.
  4. Refreshable electronic braille devices.
  5. Listening to talking books with Victor Reader Stream.
  6. Finding/downloading Bookshare books with Victor Reader Stream.
  7. Finding/listening to Internet radio and podcasts with Victor Reader Stream.
  8. Listening to talking books with Victor Reader Stratus.
  9. Listening to talking books with Plextalk.
  10. Finding/downloading CNIB/CELA or NNELS books.
  11. What are CELA and NNELS Library services?
  12. Comparisons of the NVDA/ JAWS/System Access/Narrator screen readers for PC.
  13. Surfing the web with a screen reader.
  14. Using Excel with a screen reader.
  15. Using MS Word with a screen reader.
  16. Using Outlook with a screen reader.
  17. Using Power Point with a screen reader.
  18. Navigating the ribbon in Microsoft Office programs such as Outlook, Excel, and Word.
  19. Recording/editing audio on PCs and MACs.
  20. Assistive iPhone apps Such as KNFB Reader, TapTapSee, DigitEyes, Looktel, Be My Eyes.
  21. Communication iPhone apps such as email, iMessage, FaceTime, Skype.
  22. Using social media programs like FaceBook and Twitter.
  23. Using Siri voice commands and dictation on the iPhone.
  24. GPS iPhone apps such as Blind Square, Seeing Eye, Ariadne.
  25. Dedicated GPS devices such as the HumanWare Trekker Breeze and Braille Note Taker software like Sendero GPS.
  26. Free Window Eyes screen reader for owners of all Office 2010/2013 packages.
  27. Comparisons of Scan and read technology like Open Book, Kurzweil, Eye Pal, DocuScan, Breeze-EZ and VERA.
  28. Talking typing tutorial programs like, Typeability, Talking Typing Tutor and Talking Typing Teacher.
  29. Beginner screen reading/magnification programs like Dolphin Guide, Speak Easy and the JAWS companion called LEASEY.
  30. Daily living gadgets like colour identifiers, talking weigh scales for the bathroom and kitchen, talking thermometers, AMI/Apple TV, talking tape measures, money identifiers etc.
  31. Where to get tutorials for screen readers, iDevices etc.


Call-in Information:


Passcode is 5670311#

iPhone users can double-tap on the below number to have the passcode dialed automatically following the toll free number:



Who Should Attend?

  • Any blind or low vision person, regardless of age, who is interested in learning about the features built-in to Apple iPhone, iPod, or IPad.
  • Existing users of Apple devices who have questions or want to share your experience.
  • Anyone interested in contributing to the future of the Newfoundland GTT group by sharing ideas for future meetings to discuss other blind or low vision assistive devices.

For more information contact Shane Wheeler: