Instructions for Subscribing to the CCB Podcast Feed with Victor Reader Stream, by Gerry Chevalier

Subscribe to CCB Podcast Feed with Victor Reader Stream

By Gerry Chevalier, GTT Edmonton


To subscribe to the Canadian Council of the Blind’s podcast feed with your Victor Reader Stream new generation, follow these steps.


  1. Press the Online button above key 2 to reach the online bookshelves.
  2. If your Stream announces that airplane mode is on then press and hold the Online button to turn off airplane mode.
  3. Press key 1 multiple times to reach the Podcast bookshelf.
  4. Press the Go To key above key 1 multiple times to find the option to add a podcast feed and then press the Confirm key to the right of key 0.
  5. Press keys 2 or 8 to reach the Title search option and then press the Confirm key.
  6. The Stream is now in text entry mode, so you can enter the title of the feed you wish to add. Type “Canadian Council” on the number pad keys. For example, to enter “c”, press key 2 three times, to enter “a”, press key 2 once, to enter “n” press key 6 twice and so on. Don’t worry about entering uppercase. If you make a mistake, press the Rewind key once to erase the previous letter. Enter the space between words by pressing key 0. If you wish help press the Sleep key to enable a key describer feature where you can press any key to hear which letters are mapped to that key. Press the Sleep key again to return to text entry mode.
  7. When you finish typing the title, press the Fast Forward button to the right of the PLAY key to verify what you have typed.
  8. When the title search string is correct, press the Confirm key to the right of key 0 to start the search.
  9. The search results will appear. Press key 6 to move through the results until you find “The Canadian Council of the Blind Podcast, CCB Program Staff”. Then press the Confirm key to subscribe to this feed.
  10. Press the Cancel key to the left of key 0 three times to exit the search function and return to the bookshelf. Press the Confirm key to open the new CCB podcast feed.
  11. IF you have not modified your Stream’s default podcast settings, then the 3 most recent episodes of the podcast will start to download. IF your Stream is set for manual download you will need to press Confirm to activate the option to get more episodes, then use keys 4 or 6 to find an episode, and press Confirm to download the episode.


To listen to an episode:

  1. Press key 1 multiple times to reach the Podcast bookshelf.
  2. Press key 4 or 6 multiple times to reach the Canadian Council of the Blind feed. Then press Confirm to open the feed.
  3. Press keys 4 or 6 multiple times to find the episode you wish to listen to. You may press key 5 to hear a description of an episode. When you find the episode you wish to listen to, press the Play key.
  4. To delete an episode, press key 3 followed by the Confirm key. You will be asked to press the Confirm key again to confirm deletion.
  5. If you want to find new episodes press key 4 until you reach the option to Get More Episodes and press Confirm.
  6. The list of episodes that are available for download will appear. Press keys 4 or 6 multiple times to find a desired episode and press Confirm to download it.
  7. When you are finished looking for new episodes to download, press key 4 multiple times to find the option to show downloaded episodes and press the Confirm key.




GTT Calgary Summary Notes, iDevice Radio Apps, February 27, 2017

GTT Calgary

Summary Notes
Feb 27, 2017

We had 9 people in attendance.
Side notes:

There was mention of something called vocal eyes. According to what information we have, the service is available in the U.S. and Canada, and if you let them know you need sighted assistance at an event such as a movie, sports event, ETC. they will provide it.

*Note: Ted, VocalEye is located in Vancouver and more can be found here:

RADIO aps:

 The first ap covered is Tune-in radio. This ap has been a favorite for years. You can browse local stations, search stations for content, and find content from around the world. There is both a free and a paid version of this ap available.
 The next ap covered is Sero. This is the ap that use to be iBlink radio. Blain gave a brief demonstration of the Sero ap.
 Ventage radio is next. This is one of my favorites. CHERRYL briefly showed how the ap workthe. This ap will let you listen to or download old time radio shows.
 The next one covered is OOTUNES radio. This also features an alarm clock, sleep timer, recording functions, including recording scheduling. This is the same service that brings you your radio service on your victor streme. Cherryl briefly showed the layout and some of the features of the ap.
 The last ap covered today was iHeart radio. This ap is a resource for George Naurie who we are fans of. This ap had lots of unlabled buttons but could be delt with if you are willing to work with it, you can find results. You can also search for stations or content by name.
 We also informed people about VIA which is an iphone ap that lists aps for blind and low vision people. This ap lists hundreds of aps to choose from for their iPhones.

Next Meeting Topics:
for the next meeting: Downloading, copying and pasting on the iPhone.
The question of a new day for GTT:
New time and day March 22 at 1:00 P.M. until 3:00 P.M.

Thank you all for your attention
Ted Phillips
GTT Coordinator
CCB Calgary Club

GTT Victoria Summary Notes, How Do You Access The News, March 1, 2017

Get together with Technology (GTT) Victoria

A Chapter of the Canadian Council of the Blind

Summary Notes
Wednesday, March 1, 2017
GVPL Main branch, Community Meeting Room

The meeting was called to order at 1:05 pm by chair Albert Ruel

Attendance: Kara, Bruce, Doug, Trever, Karen, Sky, Debra, Brent, Marion, Godwin, Barb S, Joan, Tom, Barbra A, Albert, Corry.

First Hour:
Albert welcomed everyone to the meeting, Nice to see three new faces out this meeting, a special welcome Debra, Goodwin and Barb S.

The meeting started with some discussion about an app that had been seen on the BBC news service similar to the BeMyEyes app. Various apps were discussed and the pros and cons of such apps. The liability involved in having someone identify potentially dangerous situations (like street crossing signals) was discussed. Albert mentioned that Kim had spoken about a new color detector app, being developed at Carlton, that might be available soon.

From there the discussion turned to some description about products that were available for loan from the library. Karen informed the group that tablets were available and that a 30 minute training session was also available to be booked. More training could be booked if the initial session did not suffice. Meeting participants had questions about what was on the tablets and the process involved in reading books on the loaned equipment.

Internet and email security were discussed and the importance of remembering your pass codes and access codes was communicated to all. Often, on sites like FaceBook and even on iDevices, access can not be obtained without this valuable information. Make a point of remembering your codes, Super important. There are smart phone and computer apps and programs available to help you remember like Password Vault and SplashID.

repurposing equipment was discussed. Bruce mentioned that iPhones were often available at Government Surplus. Deb expressed in interest in obtaining a used tablet and or phone. Albert will look into the matter. it was also noted that a original Victor Stream was required and requested by Barb A and Bruce was interested in a repurposed phone. Regarding the latter, Albert mentioned that the Lions of Victoria have a program that helps put an iPhone into the hands of blind and vision impaired users, More information at the Pacific Training Centre for the Blind.

Quick notes, SSD’s were discussed, is there a need to defrag, Sky will test…CELA is testing a new direct to player app, more details to come…CD with MP3 files are still available from the library…KNFB app, still one of the best, but also pricy, the app and what it does was discussed……The bookShare program was discussed.

remember the email address for this group is

Second Hour:
After a break the main meeting topic was discussed, that being NEWS. Where do you get your news, and how has the process evolved over the years based on technology advancements. Facebook and Twitter and other social media outlets were identified as sources, with the cautionary note that all news is not true. Fake news and the attention it has garnered recently was talked about, and how you can best judge it accuracy. The library of congress and the inability of Canadians to access this extensive resource was discussed. Albert mentioned the Newspapers that were available via CELA. How to source news via a web search was discussed.

Before closing the question of when we should hold meeting was raised. Should we attempt an evening meeting? Should we meet more or less then once a month? The consensus was to continue to meet once a month in the daytime.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:50

Next meeting Wednesday April 5, 2017

Meeting notes submitted by Corry Stuive