GTT National Conference Calls

GTT National Conference Call meetings are hosted on the second Wednesday evening of each month at 4:00 PM Pacific Time/7:00 PM Eastern Time by Albert Ruel and Kim Kilpatrick.  Discussions are facilitated on topics like accessible Library services and the many talking book devices used to access reading materials.  Also, GTT National Conference Call meetings have focused on the use of PC and Mac Operating Systems, as well as Social Media with screen reading and magnification technology on the computer, smart phones and tablets.  We have explored how people currently use them, what benefits they get out of being active in their use, and what devices/software work best for the various levels of vision people have.

Participation in the GTT National Conference Calls is easy, so if you wish to be included please notify either Kim or Albert and you will be sent the toll free number and passcode.

If CCB/GTT members from across Canada have specific topics they’d like to have discussed, or if you have a topic that you’d like to present please contact Kim or Albert with your ideas and they’ll attempt to have it included in an upcoming program.

Albert Ruel                                                Kim Kilpatrick

On the West Coast                                   In Ottawa

Toll Free: 1-877-304-0968

Email:      Email:


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